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What is a Thermal Expansion Tank?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the importance of a pressure regulator and it’s role in maintaining a healthy pressure in your home’s plumbing network. 
Another tool in regulating the high-pressure coming into your home is the Thermal Expansion Tank.
In short, this tank provides a place for high pressure build-up to escape to, preventing unnecessary damage to your water heater or other elements of your home plumbing network.

Why Do I Need a Thermal Expansion Tank?
To understand it’s place in pressure regulation, let’s recall how water enters your plumbing.
As water comes in from your water company, it’s pressure is regulated by the small regulator valve we discussed before. From there, water moves through your system at a metered pressure set by you or your plumber (as deemed appropriate for your system and usage). 
This incoming water can be sent to either your cold water service line, or your water heater (to be heated and supplied to your hot water service line). 
For water in the water heater, we need to recall what happens as the contents of a closed system are heated:
The pressure increases. 
This increase of water pressure inside the water heater introduces two potential problems:
Your water heater may reach an internal pressure above it’s recommended range, or
The heated water will exit the heater at a high pressure, which could cause damage to your pipes, faucets, etc.
Note: this high pressure can effect both your hot and cold water lines. 
A thermal expansion tank allows this high pressure a place to travel to, thus preventing the heated water pressure from putting strain on the essential parts of your system. 
Like a pressure regulator, a thermal expansion tank is another tool in ensuring the internal pressure of your home’s plumbing network stays within a range that ensures longevity. 
A good example of how a thermal expansion tank can positively effect pressure regulation can be found at the end of our video above.

Having problems with your expansion tank?

Fortunately, CRC Plumbing has years of experience in serving Thousand Oaks residents with water heater repair and diagnostics. It’s one of the many services we’re proud to offer. 

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